#AkronWebDesign Principles: What to Read, What to Do

Oct 10, 2021 Solution

Posted March 06, 2019 17:17:13The web design profession is getting more diverse with more and more designers joining the ranks of professionals. 

“I think we’re seeing more designers coming into the profession to help make our web design more user friendly,” said Dan Burch, President of AkronWebdesign. 

The company is also introducing a new web design course that is being offered to students. 

 “We are excited to bring our new course to the Akron community,” said Burch. 

Akronwebdesign.com is a three-week course taught by renowned web designer and web developer Dan Burch of Akroship. 

Students will learn the basic principles of web design and be able to apply those principles to their own web design projects. 

It also covers web design in general and will focus on the needs of each web designer. 

Burch says he thinks students will learn a lot more about web design.

“This course is a great way to expand your knowledge on the fundamentals of web development,” he said. 

A few of the topics covered in the course include:The design of website and mobile applications,The design and implementation of online and offline content,The process of creating custom web design templates, The process of designing interactive web designs, The creation of website content, The design of social media content and much more. 

This course comes as the Akroships new Web Design course is being launched and is available to Akron students starting on March 9. 

We want to take the time to help students understand the benefits of creating web content and the process of design. 

While Akronwebdeveloping.com will be offering this course to students starting in March, students can also choose to take it online or by downloading the free Akroswebdesign app from the App Store or Google Play.

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