I was born and raised in the US

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When I was eight years old, my family moved from Maryland to the US.

I loved the feeling of freedom.

I had the freedom to pursue what I wanted.

At the same time, the US had its own unique set of restrictions.

I wasn’t allowed to be anywhere where people could see or touch me.

When I left home at the age of nine, my father took me to the airport, but the security screeners didn’t give me an explanation about what had happened.

They were just telling me to stay in my seat.

A few weeks later, I was taken into custody at the airport and taken to a detention facility.

At that point, I became the first American to be imprisoned in Israel for being an Arab.

As an Israeli citizen, I am an immigrant, a citizen of Israel.

I have been forced to endure discrimination because of my nationality, religion and gender, but at the same a struggle to be treated equally in the Israeli workplace.

I am now in the fourth year of a PhD, working on a book about how people of color and people of colour in the Middle East face systemic discrimination in Israel.

The most striking thing about my experience is how little support I have from my colleagues.

I started my PhD project when I was a doctoral student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

It was my dream to study the impact of discrimination on the Israeli economy, but I couldn’t go on my research at the moment because my supervisor wouldn’t let me continue.

In 2013, I applied for a job with an Israeli-based advertising agency.

It turned out to be the most prestigious job in the agency and the best one for my type of skills.

However, they said that I had to prove my work was for the good of the company.

In order to do that, I had only one choice: quit my job.

I didn’t want to be fired from my position and have no opportunity to work.

I was terrified to leave the country.

So I applied to stay on the payroll, but was denied.

In a short time, I started to see the racism in the hiring process.

I learned that, for example, in order to get hired, an applicant has to prove he or she is not Arab, Muslim or Jewish.

There is no way to prove you are Palestinian or Palestinian Israeli.

The hiring process has to be completely open.

It is not about being honest and fair.

For me, that was very damaging to my career and ultimately led to me losing my PhD. When the Israeli company called me and asked me to come back, I said yes because I love Israel.

That was the moment that my life changed.

The job was my life.

It made me realize that I wasn`t alone in being discriminated against in Israel, that I am not alone and that the situation I faced is not unique.

I became an advocate for equality.

I helped create a project on the impact that racism has on Palestinians and Arabs.

The project was funded through a grant from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The next year, I received the award for the second time for my work on the issue of diversity in the advertising industry.

I also received a fellowship from the Israel Democracy Institute.

I went to Israel to work in a marketing agency and I found the company very welcoming.

I joined the Israel Human Rights Association, an umbrella organization for the more than 1,400 human rights organizations in Israel and Palestine.

I worked with several NGOs and they supported me to create my project.

I saw how discrimination is deeply rooted in the system, and how it is very difficult to change it.

I knew that I wanted to continue working to fight discrimination in my field and wanted to keep fighting for the rights of Palestinian and Arab citizens in Israel who live under Israeli military occupation.

One of my most challenging projects was the campaign “Black-Capped” that helped to create awareness about the situation of women in Israel when they go to the markets.

This is a campaign where women wear a black-cap in a hijab and take selfies with the Israeli flag on their head.

The campaign was successful because the majority of Israelis support the campaign and people recognize the difference in a Muslim woman wearing a hijab versus a white woman wearing the same hijab.

I hope that the campaign will continue to help change the mindset of Israeli citizens toward women.

At this point, my life is a little different than when I started.

I’m now a doctor.

I live in Tel Aviv.

I work at a local university and my wife and children live in Jerusalem.

I get to travel to Israel and Israel frequently, and I travel with my family, my daughter and grandchildren.

I’ve been to more than 20 countries.

I even go to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Morocco.

I love all these countries, I love the freedom of being here and I am very grateful to all the people who support me.

I want to continue to fight for my rights in Israel but also for my right to be

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