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Obama’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign logo is a ‘disgrace’

The President’s campaign logo design is an unmitigated disaster, according to a newly released report by the advocacy group Campaign for America’s Future.

The report, “Making America Great: Obama’s Campaign Logo and Its Impact on the Media,” lays out a series of findings on the design of Obama’s “Make America Grand” campaign logo, which was unveiled by the President on September 22.

The campaign logo has been criticized by both conservatives and progressives, and many of the critiques stem from the logo’s use of a small, black, textless “E” surrounded by a circle.

The font used in the logo is small and bold, making it difficult to read.

The use of this font makes the logo look similar to the logo of a commercial.

As the report states, the font used for the logo has a tendency to be large and overly large, and to make it harder to read the words on the “E.”

This type of design creates the impression that the campaign logo would look good on a tablet, smartphone, or in a business card, which is not the case.

The design also creates the false impression that Obama has a personal relationship with the people of America, and this is not true.

The Obama campaign logo does not have a personal connection to the people who use it.

In addition, the design is a disgrace.

It is not designed for use in the real world, nor does it appear to be designed to make people smile, laugh, or even feel good.

In the report, the group found that the font was overly large and that the wordmark is “too thin.”

The font is also overly small.

The group says the campaign’s “E,” which is an oversized circle, also creates an “illusion of personal connection.”

The campaign has received widespread criticism for the font and wordmark.

The design is also a failure because it is confusing for users, with the “small E” not clearly visible.

The campaign also chose a large, bold font over a smaller font.

The Obama campaign has responded to the criticism in an official statement.

The President’s “Reverse Design” campaign slogan, which includes the phrase “Make AMERICA GREAT Again,” has been heavily criticized.

The slogan is not a good candidate for branding.

The President has also received criticism for using an unoriginal, poorly-thought out slogan in his “Make American Great Again” campaign, particularly because the slogan is also associated with a slogan that is similar to a slogan used by the Republican National Committee.

The “Make Americans Great Again,” campaign slogan was introduced in May 2012 by then-Vice President Joe Biden, who had just won the presidential election, and it was intended to be an endorsement of Biden’s “America First” agenda.

In September 2012, Biden launched the “Make the Road Great Again Initiative,” which would use the slogan “Make roads great again” to create an economy that works for everyone.

The phrase is often used by Republicans to call out the President’s efforts to reduce regulation, and the phrase is also used by Democrats to call attention to the President for his record of regulatory overreach.

When you think of Dublin’s best restaurants and pubs, you may be surprised to find them all in the city centre

The best restaurants in Dublin’s city centre can be found on either a sunny or dark Sunday afternoon.

The best cafes, cafes and restaurants in the centre of Dublin are also always open.

It’s a beautiful place to hang out, grab a drink and get some fresh air.

The only drawback is that there are no bars and pubs to stop you if you have an itch to get out of your comfort zone.

But in the summer months, things change.

There are a lot of pubs and bars to enjoy in the CBD, but they are very limited in terms of food and drink.

So what are the best places to hangout in Dublin in the evenings?

The following restaurants and bars have opened recently that are worth checking out if you are in the area.

The following are the top five spots to try if you’re in Dublin for a summer getaway.1.

The Closet Café, Closest to The Castle, 3-14 March 20172.

The Red Door, 8-14 May 20173.

The Blue Door, 15-16 March 20174.

The Bitter Rose, 16-18 March 20175.

The Black Door, 20-21 March 2017There are a number of restaurants in Ireland that are best known for their famous and well-known Irish classics.

However, it’s not always a one-off affair.

Many other local pubs, bars and restaurants also feature a wide range of Irish and international food, drinks and atmosphere.

There is a large variety of food options in Dublin.

Here are some of the best options in the heart of Dublin.

The Black Door , 5-15 February 2017If you are visiting Dublin for the first time, it is important to make the most of the opportunities in the capital city.

There’s plenty of options in The Black Gate, which is the area around the Old Town of Dublin and the old city centre.

Here, you can grab a pint or two on the terrace at the best pub in the whole city.

This is a place that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

There also is an extensive wine list that is a perfect place to take in the evening atmosphere.

The red door is located on the upper floors of the pub.

The interior of the Black Door is spacious and clean.

It is also very well lit and the staff are friendly.

The place is known for its food.

The menu includes a number to choose from and it is also open for lunch.

The atmosphere is relaxed and relaxed in a nice way.

The Blue Door , 7-14 April 2017If your looking for a drink in the most relaxed setting in the Dublin city centre, The Blue is the place for you.

It serves a wide selection of delicious drinks.

It also has a small but popular patio area with seating for around 200 people.

The bar menu is quite extensive and includes many of Dublins best beers.

The staff are very friendly and you can also pick up a variety of other Irish and foreign wines from the bottles on the bar.

The beer list also includes a wide variety of beers and wines.

There can also be a good selection of food on the menu.

The food is very good and the atmosphere is a little bit on the chillier side.

The restaurant has a beautiful bar that is set inside a modern building.

The inside is clean and the service is very friendly.

The Red Door , 15-21 February 2017The Reddoor is an Irish pub and restaurant that has been open for more than 70 years.

It has been in operation since 1925.

This pub is famous for its traditional Irish pub fare, as well as being known for having a wide menu of local Irish and European dishes.

You can also enjoy a delicious pint of Irish beer or wine on the patio.

The owners of The Reddoor are Irish immigrants who arrived in Dublin from Northern Ireland in the late 19th century.

The decor of The RDs is traditional Irish, and it features many original touches from the period, such as an old-fashioned stone fireplace and a painted wall.

It offers great views of the city and is a popular spot for evening socialising.

The Bitter Root, 10-18 February 2017This Irish pub in The Closes has been serving up tasty Irish and British fare since it opened in 1924.

There has been a big selection of Irish beers and wine on offer, as also a good range of British food on offer.

The Irish food menu is a mix of British, Irish and American, with some classic British dishes on offer as well.

The main takeaway from The Biter Root is the Irish breakfast of pancakes.

It can be enjoyed on its own or in the morning on the outdoor patio.

The Green Door, 7-21 May 2017This is an old pub that has served customers since 1921.

The pub was renovated in 2017 and is currently undergoing a major facelift.

The old pub still has a nice feel and looks like it could easily be an


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