‘The most ambitious’ digital transformation project yet launched by the Government in Ireland

Aug 21, 2021 Introduction

A new digital transformation plan for the State will see the creation of the first national broadband network and the re-organisation of social media to make them more open, accessible and participatory, the Department of Communications (DCC) said today.

Online access to content on social media is now free, it said, adding the Government will also introduce an open internet in the coming months.

Online services will be designed to make it easier for people to connect to the Government and to ensure that the State’s information and services are accessible to all citizens.

This is the first time the Government has undertaken such a digital transformation of its infrastructure.

“It is the most ambitious digital transformation that we have undertaken in the State in recent times, with more than 2 million digital downloads and 5 million new downloads in the first six months of the new year,” DCC Communications Director James McKeown said.

The new initiative will see a new website for the DCC, which will be run by a consortium of digital providers.

It will include a website for public access, which includes the DCCC’s public information office, digital media, and social media platforms.

The website will also include an ‘Informall’ platform, which is intended to help people access information in a timely manner.

The platform will allow people to comment on news stories, photos and videos and upload them to their social media accounts.

The DCCC said it will also set up a mobile app to help with digital content.

“It is vital that we are able to use our digital assets to deliver public services and ensure that people are able access and use them in a way that is as secure and reliable as possible,” Mr McKeon said.

“This is something that the DPCs new digital strategy will make more accessible to people through our new digital platform, the ‘Informatall’.”

We will also provide more public information on the digital transformation process to help ensure that citizens have the information they need in a secure, reliable and inclusive way,” he added.

Online subscription services are also being expanded.”

The digital transformation in Ireland is progressing, and we are committed to delivering the most progressive digital transformation possible,” he said.

Online service provider BT has launched a new online subscription service called Connect.

This will allow customers to access a range of digital services including digital news and digital entertainment, in a cost-effective way.

Online subscriptions are available from $5.99 per month.”

Connect will provide a way for people across the State to access the services they need to access information and access the media they want,” said BT Ireland Managing Director of Communications David O’Connor.”

We look forward to working with the Government to ensure the most effective digital transformation for our customers.

For more information on BT’s Connect, visit www.connect.com.”

The launch of Connect will allow businesses to build a digital identity and deliver digital products in a more cost-efficient way, with the benefits of being able to connect with customers,” Mr O’Connors said.

For more information on BT’s Connect, visit www.connect.com.

Irish Independent

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